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    Prof. Dr. Sergey Aleksandrovich YATSENKO – born in 1957 in Rostov-on-Don , graduated the South Federal University in 1981 . Archaeologist, professor of the Russian State University for the Humanities (Mos c ow ) , Dep. of the History and Theory of Culture.
    He is the author of six books and 2 8 0 articles on the archaeology, iconography, social history, migrations, necropolises’ planigraphy and nishan/tamga emblems of the Pre-Islamic Iranian and partly Turkic peoples. The main publications: “ Tamgas of Pre-Islamic Central Asia ” (with all., Samarkand: IICAS UNESCO , 2019) ; “ Archaeological Approaches to Shamanism. Mind – Body, Nature, and Culture ” (with all., Cambridge: Cam . Scholars Publ., 2017; “ Traditional Marking Systems: A Preliminary Survey” (with all., London, Dover: Dunkling Books, 2010); “ Costume of the Ancient Eurasia (the Iranian – Speaking Peoples)” (in Russian, Moscow: Vostochnaia literatur a , 2006). The mountain and desert traveler, photographer of nature and architecture .

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