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Jul 27 2019


2:30 pm




Shahrokh MoshkinGhalam

Khale Sooske

Khale Sooske, directed by Shahrokh Moshkin Ghalam is one of our theatrical productions at Tirgan Festival 2019.  Khale Sooske, a play based on Bijan Mofid’s masterpiece Shahr-e Ghesseh, has been performed numerous times on stage to outstanding reviews by audiences and critics. Shahr-e Ghesseh, a popular musical drama by the revered playwright and stage director Bijan Mofid was first performed during The Shiraz Arts Festival in 1968 to extraordinary praise. Mofid’s dramas have deep roots in Iranian traditions and legends, and through mischievous play on words, the highly evolved characters advance the stories. In Khale Sooske, Shahrokh Moshkin-Ghalam takes a humorous and playful approach to storytelling and brings to life a modern rendition of a beloved classic.  Tirgan Festival invites you to join us and experience this enchanting production at the Tirgan Festival 2019.  

The event is finished.

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